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The beautiful story

This adventure began in 1975, when two newlyweds, Vincent and Michèle, their son Laurent and his grandfather Edouard, moved into this old country house in ruins. At the time, there was no bridge linking the village of Casteljau, nor any tarmac road… just a ruined building on the Lauzaces peninsula in Casteljau, at the end of the world.

In 1977, a small restaurant-pizzeria was created with Vincent at the wood-fired oven and Michèle at the reception, the business became «la bastide».

Then in 1981, the bar «le c4» opened with the emblematic Citroën c4 which sits in front of the entrance to the site.

Since then, Laurent, the son, has become a chef. With his wife Laure, he then developed the restaurant «Le C4», a friendly and family-friendly place where wood-fired grills rub shoulders with pizzas, dine-in and take-out.

In 2015, as a tribute to his grandfather, Edouard’s bastide was created in the large fifteenth-century building where two gîtes, the Lagoon and the River, were opened.

Ouverture cuisine villa Lumaga

La Villa Laumaga

In 2022, the opening of Villa Laumaga marks an important milestone for us. The decoration and design of this rental have been conceived in collaboration with Laurent Passe, a recognized name in the field, this villa pushes the limits of creativity by using recycled and noble materials, such as old railway carriages. This innovative and eco-friendly approach gives Villa Laumaga a unique and eclectic identity.

Margharita Oliveria, an interior designer renowned for her refined tastes, has brought her personal touch to the layout and decoration of this new cottage that can accommodate up to 4 people. His keen eye for detail and artistic vision created a space that was both elegant and warm, where each element tells a story.

Villa Laumaga thus offers an unforgettable stay experience, combining contemporary aesthetics with a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. Whether it’s for a family getaway, a stay with friends or a romantic retreat, this cottage promises an exceptional setting where design and comfort meet harmoniously.

The pool area

In 2022, the total renovation of the pool area represents a significant milestone in the history of this establishment. Our first swimming pool was designed by the great architect Raoul Cauvin, located in St Paul de Vence, and made an impression with its beauty and elegance. When talking about the lagoon, Raoul Cauvin spoke of having “dressed nature in evening dresses”, thus testifying to his artistic and poetic vision.

In 1989, this nugget was honored by being voted the 3rd most beautiful swimming pool in France, testifying to its importance in the architectural and aesthetic landscape of the country.

The renovation of the pool area in 2022 therefore represents a new chapter in the history of this emblematic place. It is part of a desire to perpetuate the heritage of this exceptional place while reinventing it for future generations, adapting its facilities to contemporary needs and expectations.

The swimming pool area of Domaine C4

«A must for us during our holidays in the Ardèche. This must be the 4th time we are going to eat here and still the same effect. The place is beautiful, the cicadas sing and the wood-fired pizzas are excellent.»

On the menu of the C4

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Restaurant C4 - Domaine Le C4
Restaurant C4 - Domaine Le C4
Restaurant C4 - Domaine Le C4
Restaurant C4 - Domaine Le C4